Yes, this IKEA bowl can start a fire, but it’s not getting recalled

  • A metal IKEA bowl can be used to start a fire, but the company isn’t going to recall it.
  • Mike Tuts, professor and chair of the Columbia University physics department, says the fire occurs because the bowl is parabolic in shape.
  • This could happen in any metallic bowl, not just the one from IKEA.


This bowl will make you think twice about eating outside

Why this IKEA bowl might set your food on fire   5:01 PM ET Tue, 27 June 2017 | 00:53

It’s pretty easy to start a fire in the Blanda Blank IKEA bowl, but the company isn’t about to recall the product.

Last week, a Swedish man claimed that the serving bowl he purchased from the retail giant had caused his grapes to catch fire when he left them out in the sun on his balcony.

He went on to post a video on Facebook showing a piece of newspaper smoking when he held it in the sunlit bowl.